Roi Espinosa

fanstastic painter of modern art

Manila, Philippines

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"For me is something that shows not only beauty, but is also a perfect tool to enhance one´s sensibility and intelligence. Each artwork is a story, a narrative that can bring into the fore the essenece of things - both ordinary and extraordanary. Furthermore, the artist´s work are but the extension of his heart and soul."

Roy Espinosa returns to the art world after a long hiatus. During his younger days, he received numerous awards because of his work but he needed to stop and puts his hands into commercial art and advertising, including designing album covers for a big record company.

Upon returning to the art scene, Roy, driven by his desire to help fellow artists to be known, he began publishing The Filipiono Artist Magazine, featureing the works of both master and emerging artists. He also published some coffee table books, as an attempt to contribute something in the world of art criticism and appreciation.


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