Rigor Esquerra

fanstastic painter of modern art

Manila, Philippines

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Rigor Esquerra once an artist, always an artist. It is this passion within him that
keeps flame alive, of being a painter no matter what. A native of Navotas City,
he studied fine arts in University of the East in Caloocan and nurtured his
talents. After graduation, art took a backstage in pursuit of love.
It was not an easy road to take knowing that to pursue the lady of his dreams;
he had to won the heart of her family. He had to go against the stereotype
that art has no future and can in no way build a family to financial stability.
This brought him heartaches and tears but he never gave up. He was sure
about his feelings for her and at the back of his mind he continuously nurtures
the dream of being a fulfilled artist and be financially stable.

Fate led him to Baler where he had to start from scratch and build a home
empowered by love. But art was always at his side. He started a career in
advertising using his knowledge and skills in painting. His art was his
pride and joy. For years he has been finding his own niche in the art world,
asking questions, not knowing that the answer lies deep within him,
a face staring back at him in front of the mirror.

His life has always been one of sheer joy and happiness despite the trials
and problems he encountered in his journey. The more pain, suffering and tears,
the more he tries to pour out his passion and talent into his canvases
which surprisingly portrays his character of being content and happy
despite the odds.

Such is the inspiration in his works. Of seeing how one could be happy even
in the simplest things. The Filipino smile and hospitality coupled
with our greeting “Mabuhay” encompasses the real beauty in the art
of Rigor Esguerra. His wide-eyed subjects, open to the world and baring
their soul; happy and content, depicted on everyday sceneries of ordinary
Filipinos such as the marketplace, together with the family, going to church
or just being with friends.

Rigor Esguerra’s wide-eyed subjects would always greet you with
a warm smile…., friendly, accepting, positive yet strong positive yet strong
and with faith in God, trusting in the Almighty that life will be better in
the days ahead. Most of his subjects are seated, depicting simplicity and humility.
His robust figures depict ones capability to love, share, help out
and be a friend. They communicate with you in a positive way that would
leave you smiling whenever you come across his works.

The simple but happy painter from Baler captures the smiles of a nation
and delivers a message that life is good and that God is with us all the time.
Such comforting words you feel as you gaze in to the eyes of
Rigor Esguerra and his subjects.


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