Oliver Marquez

fanstastic painter of modern art

Manila, Philippines

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born 1974



Oliver Marquez was born to a family of artists on April 30, 1974 and raised in Malolos, Bulacan, when the eruption of Mt. Pinatubo in 1991 forced thousands of residents in nearby towns to leave their homes.

Oliver Marquez was once a musician himself in the 90s. He played in a band called Dracks for five years and during his stint with the band, they covered songs from bands such as the Eraserheads and Rivermaya.

The 40-year old artist gave up his musical career to establish a sign painting business to be able to provide for a family. This was the time he fell in love with Evangeline Agustin. They now have four children, the eldest being 14 years old.

However, hailing from a family of artists, he never fully gave up painting as he continued to paint on commission. He supplied thematic canvases to commercial galleries in the tourist bazaar, Pistang Pilipina in Malate. (From Pinoy OPM on canvas: Rockstars depicted in paintings, Kickerdaily.com)

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