First watercolor demo, workshop in Transwing Art Gallery

Joemarie Sanclaria holds first watercolor demo, workshop in Transwing Art Gallery Joemarie Sanclaria and his lecture assistant Pauline Reyes, members of the International Watercolor Society, presented the first watercolor demonstration and workshop titled “The Art of Watercolor with Joemarie Sanclaria” on July 23 in Transwing Art Gallery at 102 West Avenue, Quezon City, Philippines. Following a lecture on the characteristics of colors and its applications, Joemarie demonstrated his masterful strokes to create a hillside landscape watercolor painting which was raffled off at the end of the demo.

"It could be easier to understand the art of watercolor painting if we approach the subject with the point of view of painting using colored water rather than watercolor paint,” he said. “What has been given less attention is the fact that water is the most important ingredient in watercolor painting. The magic of watercolor lies in the water. When we consider watercolor painting as dealing with colored water you are obliged to give more attention to the water component,” he added. Joemarie led the hands-on watercolor workshop with the 25 participants. Joemarie and Patricia along with Ariel Enriquez and Mike Paulo Yago, resident artists of Transwing Art Gallery, distributed certificates of participation after the workshop. Joemarie has developed the unique style of spattered glitters as a form of broken colors. The effect is a shimmering array of colors on the subject to produce a harmonious play of light. As a dancer, he loves passionate movements which he also demonstrates in his strokes. The glow of colors and the play of shadows and lights on his subjects reveal the vibrancy of a passionate artist. He has always been an ardent follower of Impressionism, and he started executing his art inspired by several famous Filipino impressionists. But as he improves his own style, Joemarie drifts away from the traditional impressionism to concentrate on developing his new form. Joemarie is affiliated with Transwing® Art Gallery as an exhibiting artist. His works have been in exhibitions in and outside of the Gallery since January 2016.

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